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0oh_its_love's Journal

**emo lovers**
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afi, anger, appleseed cast, beauty, being emo, being in love, belle and sebastian, bjork, boy sets fire, boyfriends, boys, boys life, braclets, christie front drive, creativity, crying, cuddling, dancing, dark emotions, darkness, dashboard confessional, desire, destiny, diesel boy, dreams, elizabeth barrett browning, elliot, emily dickenson, emo, emo boys, emo girls, emo glasses, emo lovers, emo lyrics, emo poet, emo poetry, emo poets, emo sex, emo songs, emotional, emotions, faith, fate, feelings, further seems forever, girlfriends, going to shows, good music, happiness, hope, hopes, hugs, jimmy eat world, john keats, kisses, kissing, local bands, love, love poems, love poetry, lust, lyric poetry, lyricist, lyrics, making out, midtown, mineral, mixed tapes, modest mouse, moneen, mucis, music, nerds, new amsterdams, opinions, pedro the lion, people, planes mistaken for stars, poe, poem, poems, poet, poetry, poets, promise ring, punk, rainbow bright, rainbows, reading, reading poetry, rhyme, rival schools, robert browning, robert frost, rocking out, rocking socks, romance, romantic poetry, rufio, saves the day, self-expression, sex, sexuality, sharing, short stories, silence, singing, ska, skulls, snuggling, songs, songwriter, songwriting, star, stars, sunny day real estate, sweaters, sylvia plath, t.s. elliot, talking, texas is the reason, the anniversary, the ataris, the bouncing souls, the december drive, the fullblast, the get up kids, the international noise conspiracy, the juliana theory, the recess theory, the rocking horse winner, thoughts, thursday, unwriten law, weezer, words, writers, writing, writing lyrics, writing poems, writing poetry, writing songs, yay, yellowcard