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my application

someone teach me how to do LJ cuts.. idk how!-----x.X.x Basics x.X.x
[x]name: Hailey
[x]nick name~ Haz, HazeL, Haze
[x]why you joined~ i am an emo kid
[x]boyfriend/girlfriend? (if so please feel free to post a picture)~ i actually do have a boyfriend, but at the moment im not exactly happy about it
[x]if answered yes to the question above: how long have you been together~ almost a month now
[x]how did you meet~ we met in 7th grade.. our friend introduced us
[x]where did you hear about 0oh_its_love (credit person here if someone refered you)- i put emo songs down as one of my interests, did a search and found this cool community
[x]what do you do for fun~ hang out with friends, go on the computer, talk on the telephone, swim, skateboard, play guitar, play drums, keyboard
[x]something you like about yourself~ the only thing i like is my eyes.. their a pretty hazel color ( hence the nickname HaZeL )

x.X.x Favorites x.X.x
[x]favorite person and why~ right now?.. my friend mike, he's always there for me.. and whenever im down he always seems to comfort me.. I <3 him like my brother..
[x]favorite type of music~ rock
[x]favorite band/artist (at least 5) nirvana, the bravery, my chemical romance, the used, nine inch nails
[x]favorite song~ hurt- nine inch nails
[x]favorite color~ black isn't a color i know.. so dark purple or red i guess
[x]favorite quote~ " It can't rain all the time " - Brandon Lee in The Crow
[x]favorite authors (at least 3)- i dont really read much
[x]favorite books (at least 4)- Smashed, and Cut.. those are my only favorite books
[x]favorite movie (at least 6)- The Crow, Donnie Darko, The Breakfast Club, Van Helsing, Underworld
[x]favorite thing in the opposite sex- smile

x.X.x random x.X.x
[x]5 things you love- playing homer ( my guitar ), hanging out with friends, being on the computer,  drums, nirvana, and sleeping in
[x]5 things you hate- most people, judemental people, anonymous commenters that only want to cause trouble on LJ, posers, people who go with trends and dont have a style of their own, biking up large hills
[x]abortion (agree/disagree)- agree
[x]sex before marriage (agree/disagree)- agree
[x]one good piece of advice- never light a fire cracker and throw it in a random place, it burns holes in things....

x.X.x pick one x.X.x
[x]tea or coffee- coffee
[x]blue or black pens- black
[x]fiction or nonfiction- nonfiction ( i like real stories )
[x]math or english- math ( cuz im good at it )
[x]italian food or chinese food- italian all the way
[x]california or new york- california

x.X.x Last but not least x.X.x
[x]make us laugh: my friend mike is the most random person ever .. look at this conversation between me and him...
Mommasbadgurl12 ( me ): ha i have chocolate milk!
HardcoreXboredom: bullshit! lemme have some!
Mommasbadgurl12: and how am i suppose to do this?
HardcoreXboredom: alright follow my intructions carefully, first grab some jelly and a bikini
Mommasbadgurl12: done
HardcoreXboredom: now grab the Chocolate Milk
Mommasbadgurl12: alright
HardcoreXboredom: now while wearing the bikini, dance on your computer desk while pouring the chocolate milk on the keyboard, and while screaming and yelling whip jelly all over the room...
[x]promote this community in 3 other communities and put the links here:
can i do the rest later?.. cuz i hafta join other communities and fill out their appllications..
[x]pictures of yourself and/or people you love (at least 2 with you in it)...

 those 2 would be me.. im too ugly for this!

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