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'dream a little dream'

Name: Ame Mayfield
Nicknames: Maude, Peffy, Skip....
Age: Eighteen
Why you joined:  Ooh it was love, at first sight ♥
Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Yes, Richard Berry.
If yes to the question, how long have you been together? Nearly seven months.
How did you meet?: We met through a friend who introduced him as 'the computer geek' I saw through the geek though!
Where did you hear about ooh_its_love?: I was searching for Emo Boys and came across it.
What do you do for fun? I attend gigs, socialise, look for new bands to love, hang out anywhere new, sketch,  photography
Something you like about yourself..: I like how I looked at at the last two apps and they didn't know how to use the lj cut and I can.
Favourite person and why? Conor Oberst  =  He changed my life for the better since I discovered him,,,a few years back. He is my idol, I love him so much it hurts. Also I'm sorry I am putting two but I can't just have one... Juliette Lewis  =  Because everyone told her she couldn't but she did anyway.
Favourite type of music: I can't put my music into a type, I like all different types of music and I am open to anything new. I cannot possibly put all my music into one type. Sorry.
Favourite Band/Artist: Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, Juliette and The Licks, Brand New, Elliott Smith, The Early November, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, The Smiths, Smashing Pumpkins, Straylight Run, The Postal Service, Every time I die, American Football, Sigur Ros...and many many more
Favourite Song: I have too many..Bright Eyes:False Advertisement
Favourite Colour? Grey
Favourite quote? kthxbye
Favourite authors (at least three): Louise Rennison,  Mark Haddon, Marian Keyes, Vladimir Nabokov
Favourite Books (at least four): The Curious Incident with the dog in the night time, High Fidelity, Goodnight Steve MCQueen, One flew over the cuckoos nest, Lolita.
Favourite Movies: Donnie Darko, Natural Born Killers, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, High Fidelity, Girl, Interupted,
Favourite thing in the opposite sex: Their emotions, opinions in life, the way they view the world from their window ledge.
5 things you love: <3 My boyfriend <3 My music <3 My cat >Shadow< <3 Conor Oberst..sorry I have an obssesssssion! <3 My Dad
5 things you hate: New bands that have just sold out..apparently it's now in fashion to scream down the mike with no feeling..Spiders..sorry they gross me out. Heights. Arguments, Envy
Abortion (agree/disagree) I think it depends on the situation. Anything could have happened for them to keep/not keep the baby.
Sex before marriage (agree/disagree) I agree, but I don't have anything against people saving themselves I respect everyones choice
One good piece of advice: Never regret anything, it'll make you stronger in the end.
Pick One
Tea/Coffee: Coffee
Blue/Black Pens: Black or Blue..I don't mind!
Fiction/Non Fiction\; Non Fiction
Math/English: English
Italian/Chinese food? Chinese
California/New York: I'm from England! I have been to both and I have to say I enjoyed New York alot better.
Last but not least
Make us laugh: Make me laugh first.
Promote this community to three others: Later
Pictures of yourself/people you love...
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by I look terrible on all of them but I don't care!!!
Thankyou for your time

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