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x.X.x Basics x.X.x
[x]nick name-Julz, emotionaldrama, JJ
[x]why you joined-i need someplace that understands me and my ways, just because im overly filled with emotion
[x]boyfriend/girlfriend? (if so please feel free to post a picture)-Yes i do have a boyfriend, I love him with all my little heart can hold
[x]if answered yes to the question above: how long have you been together-5 months
[x]how did you meet-school through a friend
[x]where did you hear about 0oh_its_love (credit person here if someone refered you)-i reaserched emo
[x]what do you do for fun-write lyrics and poetry
[x]something you like about yourself-my lyrics

x.X.x Favorites x.X.x
[x]favorite person and why-Chess (my best friend) cause he is always there for me and understands me 100%
[x]favorite type of music-punk and emo
[x]favorite band/artist (at least 5)-hawthorne heights
[x]favorite song-Ohio is for lovers
[x]favorite color-black
[x]favorite quote-"because of you im bleeding black"
[x]favorite authors (at least 3)- Patricia Mccormick, steven levenkron, ernest hemmingway
[x]favorite books (at least 4)-cut, luckiest girl, old man in the sea, rose red
[x]favorite movie (at least 6)-Painful secrets, white oleander, boogeyman, the notebook, rose red, the ring, the lies her mother told her
[x]favorite thing in the opposite sex-Chest

x.X.x random x.X.x
[x]5 things you love-My boyfriend, cutting, burning, writing music, writing poetry
[x]5 things you hate-Nosey people, backstabers, slugs, wiggers, old people
[x]abortion (agree/disagree)-disagree that is the worst for of murder
[x]sex before marriage (agree/disagree)-agree if you love them
[x]one good piece of advice-try to live life to your fullest

x.X.x pick one x.X.x
[x]tea or coffee-coffee
[x]blue or black pens-black
[x]fiction or nonfiction-nofiction
[x]math or english-math
[x]italian food or chinese food-italian
[x]california or new york-new yourk

x.X.x Last but not least x.X.x
[x]make us laugh-umm ummm umm. i can look like a who off of the grinch
[x]promote this community in 3 other communities and put the links here:
[x]pictures of yourself and/or people you love (at least 2 with you in it)... cant at work
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